Closing of Notre Dame College Post-Spring Session  

 The Roman Catholic institution closed due to dwindling enrollment and fewer traditional-aged students.  

 According to federal data, Notre Dame autumn enrollment dropped 37% from 2,281 to 1,444 between 2014 and 2022.   

 College administrators claimed they raised money, refinanced debt, and sought federal and state pandemic aid to stay operating.  

 They stated efforts were insufficient to fix budget gaps and pay debt.   

“We are all saddened by the need to make this decision, but rest assured that as we move forward,..   

 ...we are doing everything we can to ensure a smooth transition for our students to continue their education,” Notre Dame interim president John Smetanka said in a release. 

 Notre Dame will join four Ohio public and nonprofit institutions that closed in 2018.   

 Religiously related colleges were among 20 institutions closed or merged in 2023.   

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