Chocolate Banana Cake

Mix the flour and baking spray and coat the baking pan. All-purpose flour: This flour type contains the perfect amount of protein for a tender, wet crumb.  

Baking soda and whole buttermilk are the two main ingredients that make the cake rise and turn out tall and tender when baked.  

A pinch of kosher salt: Just the right amount of salt to cut through the cake's natural sweetness.  

Ground cinnamon: Bananas pair wonderfully with warmed cinnamon. Grilled bananas and hummingbird cake are two meals that may have introduced you to this tasty combo.  

Bananas that are too ripe: Figure out a way to use those bananas that no one is going to eat.  

Cakes made with granulated sugar have a higher moisture and sugar content. Brown sugar, which is light in color, increases sweetness and imparts a hint of caramel flavor.  

Add flavor and richness with unsalted butter. Vanilla extract: An essential baking ingredient, vanilla extract brings out the best in any cake recipe.  

Half of the toasted and chopped walnuts will go into the cake batter, while the other half will be used as a topping.  

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