Can you locate the hidden women among the dolls in this seek and find puzzle?  

Hidden object puzzles, or seek-and-find puzzles, have enthralled audiences for years. These easy tasks require finding items, characters, or details in a vast, often complex picture.  

Seek-and-find puzzles combine enjoyment, mental activity, and a sense of success when solved. Seek-and-find puzzles began in magazines and newspapers.  

They became books, activity sheets, and internet versions, increasing appeal among youngsters and adults. The Russian nesting doll puzzle to find two women is a popular online puzzle.   

The task is to find two hidden women in 11 seconds.   This puzzle is intriguing because the women hide well, blending in.   Can you uncover the secret women in time? This will be your greatest investigative task.   

View the image. Start the timer and search. Spot the hidden women?   Look closely—they're hidden in front of you. These tips may help:   

Examine the image from different angles.   Turn off distractions and concentrate on the vision. These puzzles usually require full focus.   The timer is running out, so hurry!  

Did you discover the women? Congratulations on becoming a puzzle master if you found them.   No worries—even the finest puzzle solvers had problems spotting the concealed women in this image.   

Fun puzzle, right? Keep practicing with new optical illusions and you'll become a puzzle master.  

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