Bryan Danielson and Brie Bella's Relationship History  

Brie Bella and Bryan Danielson are WWE matchmade in heaven.  

The Total Bellas star met her future hubby in 2010 on the WWE arena and instantly clicked. They married four years later and have been together ever since.  

Bella and Danielson had their first daughter, Birdie Joe, in May 2017. Their son Buddy Dessert was born in August 2020, making them four.  

Brie Bella and Bryan Danielson's connection from wrestling to marriage is detailed here.  

Bella and her twin sister Nikki Bella joined WWE in 2007. Danielson returned to WWE in 2009, and a year later, the three wrestlers formed a love triangle.  

Danielson's WWE persona selected Gail Kim over the sisters, ending the staged drama. In real life, Bella and Danielson clicked.  

Danielson later discussed their early romance on Rover's Morning Glory. "It actually started as a storyline and then we really hit it off," said he. "We started dating shortly before our narrative ended. We started slowly."  

Bella and Danielson attended the WWE SummerSlam VIP celebration at the Beverly Hills Hotel in August 2013. Bella wore a flowing leopard print dress on the red carpet, while Danielson wore a tan shirt, brown jacket, and tie.  

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