"Brunch With Babs" implies overnight oats and berry smoothies.

Barbara Costello, aka "Brunch with Babs," shares two speedy breakfast recipes on TODAY: fruity overnight oats and a red berry smoothie with granola. 

These breakfast ideas from Barbara Costello are perfect for busy mornings, offering both convenience and flavor. 

Barbara Costello's recipes for overnight oats and a red berry smoothie are quick, delicious, and perfect for a morning boost. 

Barbara Costello's breakfast recipes are a hit on social media, offering a tasty solution for hectic mornings. 

Try Barbara Costello's fruity overnight oats and red berry smoothie for a hassle-free breakfast that's bursting with flavor. 

With Barbara Costello's recipes, you can enjoy a satisfying breakfast without sacrificing flavor or time.

Wake up to Barbara Costello's delicious breakfast creations, including overnight oats and a vibrant red berry smoothie. 

Make mornings easier with Barbara Costello's quick and tasty breakfast ideas, featuring overnight oats and a refreshing berry smoothie. 

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