Brayden Bowers' 'Golden Wedding' proposal to Christina Mandrell is criticized by 'Bachelor' viewers.

Greetings, attendees of weddings: Rethink popping the question at other people's weddings, perhaps. 

Fans of "Golden Bachelor" witnessed a proposal after Gerry Turner wed Theresa Nist live on television on Thursday night, or at least that was the general consensus. 

The guilty party is "Bachelorette" star Brayden Bowers, who proposed to girlfriend and former "Bachelor" cast member Christina Mandrell at the inaugural "Golden Wedding." 

In front of the "Golden Wedding" cameras, Bowers, 25, got down on one knee during the pre-ceremony cocktails. 

He mentioned meeting Mandrell, 28, and said he could be himself "unapologetically" around her daughter Blakely during the proposal. 

Mandrell sank down with him, kissing him enthusiastically as she accepted the proposal. 

Mandrell debuted on "The Bachelor" with Zach Shallcross during Season 27. Bowers made an appearance on "The Bachelorette" Season 20, which starred Charity Lawson.  

Both of the reality stars had an appearance on "Bachelor in Paradise" during the summer. 

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