Beyoncé Scores Her First Top 10 On A Billboard Chart That She Has Never Been To

Beyoncé’s first hit on the Adult Alternative Airplay chart with “Texas Hold ‘Em” marks a milestone in her career. 

The Adult Alternative Airplay chart, catering to a mature audience, welcomes Beyoncé's debut in a new genre. 

Beyoncé's versatility shines as "Texas Hold ‘Em" lands on multiple radio format lists, including R&B, pop, and country. 

Beyoncé and Pharrell now share the record for the most Billboard radio rankings with 18 appearances each. 

"Texas Hold ‘Em" maintains its No. 1 position on the Hot 100, benefiting from radio spins amidst declining sales and streams. 

Beyoncé’s expansion into alternative rock showcases her ability to captivate diverse audiences. 

Despite her roots in R&B and pop, Beyoncé's success on the Adult Alternative Airplay chart demonstrates her broad appeal. 

"Texas Hold ‘Em" continues its reign on the charts, propelled by radio support, solidifying Beyoncé’s status as a music icon. 

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