Bad blood over Singapore Taylor Swift's tour subsidies  

Singapore, a flashy Asian city-state, is decked out in sequins, with gleaming limos and plumped hotel pillows.  

This week, the city will host Taylor Swift's Eras tour, which is an accolade but not without cost.  

The fee was initially believed to be as high as S$24 million (£14 million; $18 million) for the six concerts that would be exclusive to the South East Asian country.  

Culture Minister Edwin Tong has recently informed Singapore's CNA that the total was "nowhere as high," but he still refuses to be drawn on the specific figure.   

However, the broadcaster speculated that the total cost could have been as little as S$2 million for all six.  

However, the revelation that any money had been spent was revealed following an outcry by Thailand's prime minister, who accused Singapore of bribing concert organizers US$2-3 million per night.  

This sparked criticism across the region. In the Philippines, a lawmaker criticized the decision, stating that "this isn't what good neighbors do," and asked for a formal complaint of the gift.  

However, when governments see red, it is the fans who are paying the price, physically.  

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