Baby Saved Despite Being "Completely Paralyzed" by Rare Toxin After 5,000 Miles Away Remedy Found

 A cure for botulism discovered thousands of miles away in the United States saved a newborn who was left totally paralyzed after receiving the diagnosis.

 When the six-month-old "went floppy" in the middle of the night, the parents hurried him to the hospital in Birmingham, England.

 The baby was lethargic and refused to feed, so their pediatrician had already advised them to monitor him closely.

 They immediately hurried to the hospital when Thomas started to hobble, but at first the physicians were baffled by Thomas's condition.

 Mom Alba stated, "Everyone commented on how odd Thomas was acting and how his symptoms didn't match up."

 Thomas finally received a diagnosis of botulism, a toxin that is present in dirt, dust, and honey. 

  For this reason, doctors have warned parents not to offer honey to infants younger,,,

  than one year old for decades, as it occasionally contains botulinum spores.

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