At the Green Carpet Fashion Awards, Zendaya was spot-on with her vintage Cavalli gown.

The 1920s, once glorified as "the roaring twenties," now seems less appealing due to the misconceptions of a post-lockdown debauchery mirroring that era. 

Prohibition bars, where patrons don feathered headbands and sip cocktails from vintage chinaware, epitomize the misguided attempt to recreate the 1920s vibe. 

Zendaya's recent attire, a Roberto Cavalli gown from 2010 adorned with intricate fringing, evokes the true essence of a 1920s fantasy. 

Styled by Law Roach, Zendaya donned the reptilian-printed dress at the 2024 Green Carpet Fashion Awards on March 6, capturing the era's spirit. 

Vanessa Nakate, a Ugandan climate activist and author, attended the event, emphasizing grassroots activism in tackling the climate crisis. 

Other notable attendees included Annie Lennox, Donatella Versace, Amber Valletta, Quannah Chasinghorse, and Michaela Rodriguez. 

The event aimed to promote sustainable solutions to the climate crisis, reflecting a global effort to address environmental challenges. 

Nakate's advocacy underscores the importance of amplifying the voices of frontline activists and fostering meaningful change. 

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