Assessing the 15 Golf Courses Owned by Donald Trump  

Former president Donald Trump's golf courses have held major championships like the LIV Golf tour finale at Trump National Doral,   ...

sparking debate among players about which ones are best.  

But I was instructed to avoid gambling because the house usually wins.   

Not authorized to play these games. I wasn't ten yet.  

This guy was always in the news for bankrupting casinos. But he often boasted about his wealth on TV.  

I questioned my dad about Donald Trump. I was confused. How did he bankrupt casinos while rich? I didn't get it as a kid.  

Trump made his money from his dad and telling others he was rich by authoring The Art of the Deal, according to my dad, who proudly wears Trump hats and socks.  

With all his commercial failures and boasts of success over the past 30 years, that has resonated with me.  

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