ASK IRA: Is Haywood Highsmith now just a supplementary player for the Heat? 

Caleb Martin shines as the favored undersized power forward, but Nikola Jovic's current role limits his and Haywood Highsmith's opportunities. 

Martin and Highsmith find themselves in a wing rotation, especially for defensive duties, but with Tyler Herro and Duncan Robinson returning, their playing time might shrink. 

In Denver, Highsmith didn't play, and Delon Wright saw minimal action, raising questions about their roles. 

Factors affecting Highsmith's playing time include Jovic's starting position, Martin's preference, and Robinson's role in the rotation. 

Martin and Highsmith might face competition for minutes, similar to Wright and Richardson, especially if they struggle to crack the rotation. 

Highsmith's knee ailment adds to his uncertainties regarding playing time, as noted in the injury report for Saturday's game. 

With Jovic starting and Robinson in the rotation, Martin and Highsmith's playing time could be limited upon Herro's return. 

The rotation dynamics could lead to a choice between Martin and Highsmith, mirroring the situation with Wright and Richardson. 

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