Apple Unexpectedly Verifies Controversial Surprise in New iPhone Update

iOS 17.4, the latest iPhone software, has many new features. In an unanticipated development,...

 ....EU iPhone users intending to use their phones abroad were surprised by a detail—full information here—and Apple has just verified what it means.

The iPhone software is now divided between EU and non-EU versions. 

The new Digital Markets Act required Apple to open up its iPhone software, including allowing EU iPhone owners to use rival app markets.

These marketplaces allow downloads of apps not available on the Apple App Store. 

Eventually, it will become evident, but companies are currently offering these apps to EU Apple ID users. 

According to Apple's support document, “The country or region of your Apple ID must be set to one of the countries or regions of the European Union, and you must physically be located in the European Union.”

Yes, but in a linked world, what happens to EU users who travel? If you leave the EU for short-term travel, you'll continue to have access to alternate app stores for a grace period, Apple said. Some functionalities will be lost if you're gone too long.”

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