All the information available about Blood of My Blood, the Outlander prequel  

"Outlander: Blood of My Blood" is set to be a prequel to the popular Starz series, focusing on the parents of Jamie and Claire Fraser. 

Matthew B. Roberts, co-showrunner of the original series, will write and oversee the prequel. 

Maril Davis and Ronald D. Moore, original developers of Outlander, will executive produce. 

Diana Gabaldon, author of the book series, will serve as a consulting producer. 

Harriet Slater and Jamie Roy will portray Jamie's parents in 18th-century Scotland. 

Hermione Corfield and Jeremy Irvine will play Claire's parents in World War I-era England. 

Younger versions of familiar characters from Outlander will also be featured, including Murtagh Fitzgibbons Fraser and Dougal MacKenzie. 

Séamus McLean Ross and Conor MacNeil will join the cast as younger versions of Colum MacKenzie and Ned Gowan, respectively. 

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