All about Ariana Grande's grandmother, Marjorie Grande.

Ariana Grande has always spoken about her close relationship with her family, notably her "Nonna," Marjorie Grande.  

The "yes and?" singer's grandma appears on her seventh studio album, Eternal Sunshine, which was published in March 2024.   

Ariana hinted her appearance when she revealed the tracklist 10 days before the album's release, with the last song, "ordinary things," labelled "feat. nonna".  

Marjorie is Ariana's and Joan's mother. Ariana Grande and her brother, Frankie Grande, will celebrate her 98th birthday in October 2023.  

"Happy birthday to our superstar, Nonna! "98 with the spirit of a 19 year old - we love you to the ends of the universe and back  

Frankie wrote a pair of images showing him and Ariana standing with Marjorie, who was wearing a "Birthday Queen" sash.  

Marjorie Grande, Ariana Grande's grandmother, has done everything from get tattoos with daughter to accompany her to award events.  

Marjorie and Frank remembered their first meeting in a video put on YouTube by Ariana in 2012.   

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