Alicia Keys and Pharrell are criticised for performing in Saudi Arabia.

Alicia Keys and Pharell Williams have faced criticism for their performances at the Saudi Grand Prix. 

However, a human rights activist has chastised them both for taking part in the ceremony.  

Alicia Keys and Pharrell Williams shouldn't be performing in Saudi Arabia. "It is a dictatorship that persecutes women  

LGBT people, and religious and ethnic minorities," human rights activist and former lawmaker Peter Tatchell told The Sun.  

"Women are imprisoned due to the country's sexist laws. "The regime murdered and dismembered journalist Jamal Khashoggi."  

Peter also chastised Saudi Arabia for having 43-year-old Alicia host Jeddah's Women To Women, an International Women's Day celebration. 

"It is total hypocrisy for Saudi Arabia to host Alicia Keys for an International Women's Day event when the regime jails advocates for women's equality," he said.  

He went on to argue that no celebrity should ever accept to perform in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia unless they are using it to speak out against human rights violations.  

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