After a commanding victory in Bahrain, Verstappen said, "Went better than expected."  

Verstappen led Red Bull Racing teammate Sergio Perez by nearly 20 seconds at the Bahrain International Circuit Grand Prix, driving in no man's land.   

"Unbelievable. I suppose today was better than expected. In conversation with David  ...

Coulthard after the race, the Dutchman said the vehicle was great to drive on every compound.  

"I thought we had a good pace and enjoyed driving today. He said, "We avoided trouble and had a great start to the year.  

"I had fun and felt well in the automobile. These days are unique because they're rare when everything goes perfectly and you're one with the car."  

Verstappen won't discuss predictions for next week's Saudi Arabia GP.  

There's a long season and a terrific location to be. A couple days rest and we're back "stated the three-time world champion.  

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