AEW Revolution 2024 Result

Garcia backs Cage into a corner to initiate the lock-up. Cage feigns an ankle injury before connecting with a flying neckbreaker.   

Cage applies a chin lock, but Garcia fights back and mounts him in the corner, only for Cage to dump him over the top and into the floor.   

Cage goes off the top with a crossbody to the floor, and both guys just make it in before the count. Cage slaps Garcia around and attempts the Killswitch, but is chop blocked for his efforts.   

Garcia delivers an inverted dragon screw leg whip and stomps on the ankle.  

Ankle lock in the centre of the ring, but Cage tosses him off to the floor. Garcia returns and is tossed on the other side.  

Nick Wayne charges at Garcia from the outside, but his body is dropped into the first row.   

Cage now wants a count-out victory, but Garcia battles his way in. Garcia landed an elbow before mounting Cage in the corner and throwing ten punches.   

Garcia's Dragon Screw Leg Whip lowers Cage to the mat from the top rope. Garcia's Majistral Cradle is for two.   

Garcia Irish whips Cage hard over the steel steps after a baseball slide on the outside.   

Mama Wayne and Killswitch are also there. Back inside the ring, Cage delivers a backbreaker but misses a diving splash off the top, while Garcia rolls into an ankle lock.   

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