Adam Sandler's Capability to Handle Drama as Well as Comedy Is Confirmed by Spaceman  

 New actors shouldn't rush toward middle age. Nervous people should look to Adam Sandler for inspiration.   

 Sandler became famous for playing sweet-natured dim-bulb misfits who are accepted by their detractors.  

 His hallmark bit, in which he foolishly strums a guitar while crooning an homage to Thanksgiving in a schoolboy voice, reflects his timid, underdog stand-up.  

 Maybe Sandler could keep that act going indefinitely.   

 But his more serious roles in Hustle and The Meyerowitz Stories imply he's aiming for more, perhaps yearning to change as he ages.  

 He plays Jakub, a Czech astronaut on a mission thousands of miles from Earth and possibly even further from his pregnant wife, Carey Mulligan's Lenka, in Netflix's subtle science-fiction thriller Spaceman.  

 Directed by Johan Renck and based on Jaroslav Kalfar's novel Spaceman of Bohemia,.. starts well but falters in the end, but it's satisfying to watch these actors fully commit to their characters' strange, alienating world.  

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