According to coach Andy Reid, Taylor Swift made custom Pop-Tarts for Travis Kelce's teammates.  

Coach Andy Reid said the "Karma" singer won over her boyfriend Travis Kelce's Kansas City Chiefs colleagues by baking them "homemade Pop-Tarts," due to her passion of baking.  

According to Reid, "behind the scenes, she likes to cook," and she told NBC analyst and former quarterback Chris Simms on Tuesday that Swift baked some of the Chiefs' offensive linemen the snack during the football season, which won over the team.  

She knew right where to go," Reid said.  

Reid still likes Swift despite not trying her Pop-Tarts or having his teammates try them.  

She may be the most renowned person in the world since the Queen died.   

She's incredibly grounded for who she is," the coach added, adding that he knows Swift's parents and met her "when she was young.  

As for Swift's NFL experience, he said, "I think it's a great escape for her where she can come in, and she sincerely enjoys the games."  

Since September, Swift has attended several Chiefs games to support Kelce, the three-time Super Bowl champion and standout tight end.  

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