A woman shared a video about her herpes diagnosis on a secret TikTok account. Then, 10 million people watched it. 

Sophie Miller used her burner TikTok account after herpes diagnosis. She never expected over 10 million viewers.

Miller wanted to advocate for sexual health on her platform. 

"Today my whole life could change," Sophie Miller stated in a burner TikTok video she posted on October 12, never expecting anyone to see it. "And I'm scared." 

Miller reported a swollen groin lymph node and a burning sensation when she peed. After her UTI medicine failed, she saw her gynecologist. 

Miller told Business Insider she started recording the video an hour before her visit because she was worried about her genital sores. 

She said she could not walk or sit without agony. "It sucked," she remarked. 

She stated she was checking up her symptoms, thinking Dr. Google delivers the worst possible prognosis and she was just getting herself worked up. 

"Then I went to the doctor, and she was like, yeah, no, you have herpes," said Miller. "And then I just went into shock." 

What did Miller's immediate descent portend for her future relationships? Would anyone sleep with her again? 

"If somebody told me that they had herpes two weeks before my diagnosis, I probably wouldn't have pursued them," stated. After learning I had it, I felt devastated. After that, I made a crying video in my car." 

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