A Netflix executive claims that the new head of film is "not a change in strategy, per se."  

Despite Dan Lin taking over as Netflix's head of film, CFO Spencer Neumann doesn't anticipate a shift in the company's film strategy. 

At the Morgan Stanley Tech, Media & Telecom Conference, Neumann discussed Lin's background and Netflix's evolving approach. 

Neumann highlighted Lin's experience with various film genres and emphasized the importance of collaboration with top talent. 

Neumann also addressed Netflix's new ventures with WWE streaming and gaming. 

He mentioned the $5 billion deal with WWE and its alignment with Netflix's criteria for significant content partnerships. 

Neumann pointed out Netflix's interest in live programming, using WWE as an example, and emphasized its fit within their strategy. 

He clarified that the WWE deal doesn't indicate a shift in Netflix's sports strategy. 

Neumann outlined Netflix's gaming plans, focusing on building engagement and expanding the gaming vertical over time. 

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