A music studio on Central Eastside had $12,000 worth of instruments and other gear stolen.  

Portland, Oregon— Police are investigating the theft of $12,000 in instruments from a Central Eastside Portland music studio.  

"This door was bashed in here," Collin Hegna explained, demonstrating how robbers broke into his studio.  

The robbers first broke a metal door with a fire extinguisher, then another to enter Hegna's studio.  

"I guess they crowbarred this one. Hegna told KATU's Victor Park they smashed the jamb with a crowbar.  

Hegna plays music for decades. His band Federale creates spaghetti western music.  

 My main passion is music, but I also adore cinema. Film-music fusion fascinated me.   

I wanted to investigate too "Hegna said. 

Production will be difficult without the equipment, especially since his band Federale has a Portland performance in April.  

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