3 Draft Prospects to Watch in Week 1

In this series, I'll break down three intriguing candidates that the Colts should seriously consider.   

These talents might be top-tier first-round picks or late-round gems.   

This series will continue weekly until the draft.The Colts have a critical need at tight end, and a lack of a good tight end has plagued this team for many years.   

We've seen in recent years that Super Bowl champions have had strong tight ends on their offence, and a good tight end opens up the entire offence.  

Bowers is one of the most promising tight end prospects in recent memory. As a blocker, he has a strong opening punch and finishes his blocks efficiently  

His routes are quite intricate, and he frequently uses an excellent shake move on hard breaking lines.  

The subtleties he demonstrates (stutters, patience, space recognition) are not just exceptional for a tight end but also for a wide receiver.   

His top end speed isn't particularly impressive, but he performs well in all sections of the field.  

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