10 March Nail Designs for Your Year-End Spring Mani

March manicures vary in size and color. Due to their refreshing aspect and association with St. Patrick's Day and Pisces, green and blue are usually used. Since pastels like bubblegum pink, lavender  

You don't have to be cautious with bright polishes—you may go all out. March allows almost anything with a tinge of joyful color. Discover over a dozen March manicure ideas to try.  

Don't rush to plan a complicated nail appointment. A March mani with a swipe or two of turquoise is ideal. MiniLuxe's Breakfast at Tiffanys ($14).  

1. Solid Turquoise Nail

If you want additional details, this creme-and-shimmer turquoise swirl will make you swoon. Lights Lacquer Nail Polish ($13) in Pocket World and Pisces creates the ultimate Pisces nail appearance.  

2. Aquamarine Wave Nail

Looking for a simple St. Patrick's Day nail look? Here it is. Despite its complexity, it's a Chillhouse Vitaminwater set. Get Gutsy Chill Tips ($16).  

3. Lime Green and Nude Mismatched Nail

This cobalt crocodile 3D manicure halted us. A salon visit is needed for this detailed nail style.  

4. 3D Croc Cobalt Nail

This ombré blue and green butterfly manicure embodies spring's new beginnings. OPI Make Rainbows and Feel Bluetiful ($12) were used to create the mani. Fun fact: Taylor Swift's self-titled album inspired this manicure design.  

5. Blue and Green Ombré Butterfly Nail

Don't be limited by pastels if you like vibrant colors year-round. Try a bright French Skittle manicure with gold embellishments like the one above.  

6. Bedazzled Vivid French Tip

March brings spring and lush green fields and lawns. Want to radiate happiness? Get the Chillhouse Animal House Chill Tips ($16)—it's that easy.

7. Grass Green Cow Print French Tip

Instagram is full of blob-like abstract nail art, and this turquoise and baby blue mani caught our eye. Brittney Ellen created this look herself, but if you don't have a steady hand, your nail artist can help you reproduce it.  

8. Blue Glitter Blob Nail

Here's another spring butterfly nail style for darker color lovers. The tinge of black makes it edgier and otherworldly.  

9. Opal Butterfly Nail

Pisces are dreamy, so this jelly cloud mani is perfect for March. Ellen applied Cirque Colors Nail Polish ($13) in Banshee Better Werk and Carpe Diem.  

10. Jelly Cloud Nail

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