Double-Layer Pumpkin Pie

When it comes to making a pie, whether it be a sweet apricot pie or a meat pie, a decent shortcrust dough is just wonderful. On the other hand, regardless of whether you are preparing a sweet or savory dish, there are a wide variety of various pastries and crusts that you can consider using, which may contribute to the overall flavor. For creamy fillings that are served after dinner, a cookie crust is the ideal choice. The combination of puff pastry and a thick sauce is delectable. And phyllo pastry is great for dishes that are inspired by Greek cuisine because it is light yet buttery. You can build a crust out of crackers, and you might also want to add a few biscuits to the top of the crust, or you could even want to use a doughy Southern-style bread.

You can experiment with a wide variety of crusts, pie coverings, and flavors, all of which do not require you to bake any kind of pastry and can be found in abundance. In order to make the dough, you will not need to sift the flour and get it all over the place, nor will you need to rub in the butter. Using the recipes that are provided here, you will be able to produce beautiful pies without using shortcrust pastry.

1. Rustic plum pie

I cannot express how incredible the flaky, buttery, and deliciousness of puff pastry is. To put it another way, the rich, fruity filling for this recipe is practically engulfed by the dough. It consists of the bottom, sides, and a portion of the top of this delightful pie. In order to get a thickness that is sufficient to accommodate the canned plums, you will need to double up two sheets of puff pastry that have been thawed. In addition to that, make sure that you drain and pit them. Alternatively, you could use fresh plums.

You can use a dinner plate as a guide to help you determine the size of the dough you will need to roll out. It functions in a manner that is reminiscent of a basket, gathering in to contain the delicious content inside.

2. Layered pumpkin custard pie

A little bit of warming magic is something that everyone needs when it’s cold outside. The layers that are generated throughout the cooking process of this excellent pumpkin pie give it a flavor that is reassuring. This pie is elevated by the use of a graham cracker crust, which provides each slice with a crisp casing that compares and contrasts with the contents.

When you are finished, you will have a layer of custard on the bottom, which will compliment the flavor of the crackers, which is buttery. The following layer is a pumpkin puree that is airy and fluffy. This is the next layer. With the addition of whipped cream on the top, you will have a delicious pie that is suitable for holiday dinners such as Thanksgiving.

3. Chocolate cream pie

A chocolate pudding that is created at home and is enriched with egg yolks is transformed into a pie that is perfect and has a crust. On the other hand, rather than using ordinary shortcrust pastry, why not make the sweet flavor even more prominent? Crush Oreo cookies or another type of chocolate biscuit that is comparable, and then toss the crumbs into butter that has been heated. Make sure that the cookie crumble has been in the refrigerator for some time and has hardened before you pour the velvety pudding into the pie pan. Be sure to line the pie tin with the cookie crumble before it begins to set.

At this point, all that is required of you is a topping of whipped cream and chocolate shavings.

4. Easy peanut butter pie


Why would you go to the trouble of spreading peanut butter on a piece of bread when you could use it to make an entire pie? It makes perfect sense to replace a pastry casing with a chocolate cookie crumb one, given the fact that chocolate and peanut butter are such a compatible combination. One thing that sets this recipe apart from many others that call for a crumb is that the crust is baked in the oven before the creamy filling is added.

To put it simply, the peanut butter filling that is combined with peanut butter cups, cream cheese, and whipped cream is really delicious. In addition, the chocolate crust is a component of the celebration that has a delicious taste.

5. Ooey gooey s’mores pie

It is not necessary to utilize all of the graham cracker crumbs that you have prepared for the crust in order to make this wonderfully gooey pie that is inspired by campfires. Sprinkle some on top of the chocolate bar bits and micro marshmallows that are melting to provide a little bit of crunch to the mixture.

It is important to bake the cracker crust and allow it to cool before adding chocolate pudding to the pie. You are going to enhance the flavor of the crumbed crackers by adding brown sugar and vanilla extract to the mixture, rather than simply combining the crackers with butter. When done in this manner, it becomes a much more flavorful component of the entire pie.

6. Hot water crust meat pies

Among the most popular foods in the United Kingdom are miniature pork pies that are topped with a coating of jelly and encased in a substantial and flavorful dough. Making a crust with hot water is a simple process, and it will be sturdy enough to support all of the meaty filling that is contained within. There is a secret to success that lies in the name.

However, avoid just adding hot water to the wheat and egg mixture. While the water is being heated with vegetable lard, the water should be bubbling away and there should be no visible fat. For the purpose of combining the components before the water cools, a wooden spoon should be utilized.

7. 5-ingredient lemon meringue pie

There is no requirement for you to utilize a shortcrust pastry shell for lemon meringue pie simply because it is the customary method of preparation. In this recipe, the graham cracker crust contributes additional flavor and texture to the sweet, citrusy filling, as well as to the egg white peaks that are so soft that they melt in your mouth instantly.

You can make the crumbs by hand if you do not have access to a blender for the purpose of making them. The crackers should be placed in a food bag, and then a rolling pin should be used to pound down on and roll over them until they are broken up into pieces that are rather small. To prepare the crust for filling, chill it.

8. Crustless coconut pie

It is true that sometimes less is more, and this crustless coconut pie is one of the most ideal pies that does not require the use of shortcrust pastry. The reason for this is that it does not have a pastry casing or a top! One of the most straightforward aspects of this recipe is that it consists of combining all of the components and then pouring them into a baking dish. If you do not have a crust, you will need to make sure that the pie dish is greased.

When baked with milk, butter, and eggs, the shredded coconut solidifies into a solid mass. There is still the possibility of serving this pie in slices, provided that you allow it to chill and serve it cold.

9. Best banoffee pie

There is more to the crisp bottom of any banoffee pie than just functioning as a base. The crispy, savory, and essential component of the dessert as a whole is this component. To put it another way, the only thing that is going to be sufficient is a cracker crust made of cookie crumbs. In order to prepare the crust for this dish, combine brown sugar, butter that has been melted, and graham crackers that have been crushed. Then, bake the mixture in the oven.

10. Traditional steak and kidney pie

A conventional steak and kidney pie is a dish that is popular in pubs and is considered to be a classic British cuisine. It is essential that the meaty contents be a flavorful stew; nonetheless, one of the primary reasons it is so popular is that it is the ideal pie for those who are passionate about pastries.

The puff pastry can also be used to make this pie, however it is more commonly made with the shortcrust pastry. Nothing is more fulfilling than dipping the flaky bits into the gravy filling. There is nothing else like it.Because the pastry merely serves as a cover, you should use any extra dough to create decorations in the shape of leaves to decorate the top before baking.


1. **What is Double-Layer Pumpkin Pie?**
– Double-Layer Pumpkin Pie is a dessert consisting of two layers: a bottom layer of creamy vanilla or cheesecake-like filling and a top layer of spiced pumpkin filling.

2. **How do you make Double-Layer Pumpkin Pie?**
– To make Double-Layer Pumpkin Pie, prepare a graham cracker or cookie crust, then spread a layer of cream cheese or vanilla pudding mixture on the bottom. Pour a spiced pumpkin pie filling on top and bake until set.

3. **Can I use store-bought crust for Double-Layer Pumpkin Pie?**
– Yes, you can use store-bought crust to save time. However, making a homemade crust can enhance the flavor and texture of the pie.

4. **Can I make Double-Layer Pumpkin Pie ahead of time?**
– Yes, you can make Double-Layer Pumpkin Pie ahead of time. It’s best to prepare it a day in advance and refrigerate it until serving.

5. **How long does Double-Layer Pumpkin Pie last in the refrigerator?**
– Double-Layer Pumpkin Pie can last in the refrigerator for up to 3-4 days if stored properly in an airtight container.

6. **Can I freeze Double-Layer Pumpkin Pie?**
– Yes, you can freeze Double-Layer Pumpkin Pie for up to 1-2 months. Wrap it tightly in plastic wrap or aluminum foil before freezing.

7. **Can I substitute the cream cheese layer in Double-Layer Pumpkin Pie with something else?**
– Yes, you can substitute the cream cheese layer with whipped cream, vanilla pudding, or even a layer of chocolate ganache for a different flavor.

8. **Can I make Double-Layer Pumpkin Pie without eggs?**
– Yes, you can make Double-Layer Pumpkin Pie without eggs by using egg substitutes like commercial egg replacers, mashed bananas, or applesauce.

9. **Can I use fresh pumpkin instead of canned pumpkin for Double-Layer Pumpkin Pie?**
– Yes, you can use fresh pumpkin instead of canned pumpkin. Simply roast, puree, and strain the fresh pumpkin before using it in the recipe.

10. **How can I prevent my Double-Layer Pumpkin Pie from cracking?**
– To prevent cracking, avoid overbaking the pie. Bake it until the center is slightly jiggly but set around the edges. Additionally, you can place a pan of water on the rack below the pie while baking to create steam, which helps prevent cracking. Let the pie cool gradually to room temperature before refrigerating.


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